Synbiotics manufactures an extensive range of canine diagnostic kit formats suitable for individual or batch testing.   These kits address the needs of veterinarians specializing in companion animals or reproduction as well as laboratories and animal shelters. Synbiotics' canine diagnostics kits include: DiroCHEK® and WITNESS® (heartworm), SERELISA® Rabies, WITNESS® PARVO, LEISHMANIA and EHRLICHIA, CRF® (arthritis), D-TEC® CB (brucellosis), ASSURE®/PARVO, TiterCHEK® (distemper and parvo antibody), FUNGASSAY® (dermatophytes) and OVASSAY® Plus/OVATEC® Plus System (intestinal parasitic ova)Our reproduction line includes products to assist in processing of canine semen (FRESH EXPRESS®) or artificial insemination as well as ovulation timing aids (WITNESS® LH and OVUCHECK® Premate) and pregnancy detection kits (WITNESS® RELAXIN and ReproCHEK®).

OVUCHECK®  Premate
The OVUCHECK® Premate test kit is a rapid and simple method of determining the level of progesterone in canine or feline serum or plasma. This progesterone ELISA provides a convenient semi-quantitative measurement of progesterone levels without the use of special equipment. Use of this assay, as directed, will allow identification of a bitch’s fertile period.
  • Detects Progesterone rise in canine serum or plasma allowing estimation of the fertile period.
  • Provide accurate timing, important in natural breedings and artificial inseminations.
  • Use in conjunction with WITNESS® LH for exceptional ovulation timing precision in all breedings.
The kit yields 10 tests if samples are assayed individually and more tests if batch testing is used. To maximize the product dating, once the substrate is dissolved into solution, it should be fractionated and frozen (see direction insert).  Do NOT freeze the entire kit.

- Sold to licensed veterinarians only.
Product overview
US Code:
Europe Code:
32 wells
Units per kit:
Serum (no SST tubes) and plasma (heparin only)
Sample type:
Approximately 30 minutes (two 15 minute incubations)
Test time:
Refrigerate (2-6º C)
96-0355 DET 96-0355 DI 96-0335 DI Supplement
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